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NAIP 2005

INTERIM 2005 National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) County Compressed Mosaics

The California Resources Agency, Caltrans, Coastal Conservancy, Department of Conservation, California Energy Commission, and Department of Water Resources have partnered with the U. S. Department of Agriculture (Farm Service Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Forest Service), U. S. Geological Survey, and U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service to acquire one-meter color Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quads (DOQQs) for the entire State of California. This is the first time that California has acquired one-meter natural DOQQs statewide in a single "season"/year. The Interim 2005 County compressed (15:1) mosaics are in MrSID format. Each folder contains the MrSID mosaics, metadata, and shapefiles showing the footprints of the DOQQs used in the mosaics. Note that some large counties are broken into more than one folder because the images were too large to fit on a single DVD. These are "Interim" products because the full resolution DOQQs used for the mosaics are still undergoing quality assurance/quality control and the final mosaics may be adjusted for improved DOQQ and color balance quality. We are providing free access to these products via the California Spatial Information Library (CaSIL). To order these mosaics on DVD from USDA, Aerial Photography Field Office, please go to Sometime later in the year we will be providing Internet access to the final county compressed mosaics and the more than 10,000 full resolution DOQQs covering California.


(From USDA, APFO) Please note: The 'interim' compressed county mosaic (CCM) product has been created to provide timely information for the Farm Service Agency's compliance program. FSA is distributing the interim product ONLY with the understanding the images have not yet undergone FSA's comprehensive quality assurance inspection process, which may require corrections and possible replacement of the imagery. Buyer should be aware that the purchased interim CCM may be incomplete, may contain defects, and may have horizontal accuracy less than the specified tolerances. In addition, modifications are actively being made to these data, and new versions are being submitted. CaSIL maintains only the most current interim versions of the data. See the ChangeLog for indications when changes have been made. The 'FINAL' CCM product may be purchased upon completion of the inspection process.


Please acknowledge use of NAIP imagery downloaded from CaSIL, or a CaSIL mirror, with a comment similar to that shown below: California NAIP aerial imagery is freely distributed by The California Spatial Information Library (CaSIL). CaSIL, the California Resources Agency, and the State of California are 2005 California NAIP Imagery funding partners.


We suggest NAIP imagery be referenced something like the example below: [1] USDA FSA Aerial Photography Field Office: County image mosaic for Alameda, CA (2005)