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Contribute to the California GIS community by registering with the Cal-Atlas project tool. Registered users can participate in data creation projects, distribute GIS datasets, and catalog a wide variety of resources using this feature rich online collaborative environment.

The Cal-Atlas Project tool is a free service to California data developers offering easy file archival, full backups, and total web-based administration. Resources distributed via the Cal-Atlas system will automatically be represented in CEIC and the California State Geoportal when the appropriate metadata is provided.

Contribute your finished map products to the Cal-Atlas Map Gallery. Map images in PDF format can be easily uploaded, categorized and browsed using this innovative online discovery and distribution tool.

See existing data development and distribution projects by category or by name. Request to join existing projects and contribute your efforts.

If you have a collection of information resources, including documents, reports, geographic datasets, web services, projects, etc., that you want to have represented in the Cal-Atlas Discovery tools, you can catalog them using the California Environmental Information Clearinghouse (CEIC) online metadata management system. CEIC uses the FGDC metadata standard and is compatible with metadata creation tools such as ESRI's ArcCatalog. CEIC can also harvest your existing collection XML metadata.